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Jeff Similien is an experienced and knowledgeable commercial and residential broker in Massachusetts, in specific the Greater Boston area. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Boston Trust Realty Group Commercial, LLC. located in the heart of Mattapan Square. BTRG guides business owners into making informed decisions when selling, purchasing, or leasing commercial real estate properties. Through his years of experience, Jeff has cultivated meaningful relationships with business owners in the community. 


Jeff has brokered several transactions with major franchises such as Papa Johns, Dunkin Donuts, Frugal Furniture and Boost Mobile. However, Jeff’s focus and true passion has always been working with small business owners and guiding them through the often biased commercial real estate industry. Jeff is a Curry College alumnus with a degree in Business Management. In 2017, he obtained his Real Estate Broker License, enhancing his ability to fully service his clients. Jeff is also licensed in the states of Rhode Island, New York and Georgia. In 2019, Jeff completed the Real Estate Design, Construction and Project Management Course at Boston University. His years in the field and previous sales experience allows Jeff to identify customer needs and use data to  negotiate  commercial deals.


In addition to real estate, Jeff is passionate about developing his community. He strongly believes that success lies in creating generational wealth through financial freedom. He recently founded The Co-Pad, a collaborative co-working hub for entrepreneurs in the Mattapan, Dorchester and Hyde Park area. Jeff also mentors high school and college students as well as young athletes in the importance of owning and investing in real estate.


Jeff volunteered with YouthBuild Boston, an international program that provides underserved young people the support and credentials needed to successfully enter the building trades. He taught young men about business, personal development and entrepreneurship. 


As a former college football player and semi-pro player with the Boston Bandits football team, Jeff has sponsored Athletes Without Borders and has traveled to volunteer to teach low-income children in Costa Rica how to play football. 

Jeff is the CEO and Founder of Lowkey Dispensary, a black owned  marijuana dispensary in Dorchester, the very same community he grew up in. He is using his platform to  create career opportunities in the cannabis industry. In addition, Jeff intends to continue his work in the community by partnering and sponsoring local community organizations that cater to the youth. 

With the success of BTRG Commercial and The Co-Pad, in addition to his plan to conquer Boston's cannabis industry, Jeff is guiding the hard-working individuals of a damaged society through the process of restoration. Jeff is looking to help more individuals become real estate owners, as well as continue helping friends and family with their real estate decisions. By always learning and educating himself, Jeff has great hopes for the expansion and potential of BTRG Commercial, as well as personal growth of him and his team.

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Ultimately, Jeff Similien is driven by passion and his commitment to create diversity in business and begin a new generation of wealth for his community.

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